EPIC Surfskis

Now available in Thailand, the full range of Epic surfskis.


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Epic V5 and V7

Our latest delivery of new Epic V5, V6, V7, V8Pro, V9 and V10’s together with Epic paddles and a full range of accessories are selling fast…we now have limited numbers of V5, V7 and V10 available for immediate delivery.

At the present time we have V5, V7 and V10 available in stock. Due to Covid-19 impact to logistics and massive global demand we are currently taking orders for summer delivery. Contact us now to book yours and avoid disappointment.

Epic V5 – rotomolded version


Our entry level surfski. Excellent stability allows beginners to jump on and paddle with confidence and give more experienced paddlers a short, stable surfski to use in big or rough conditions. Sleek lines and Epic’s comfortable surfski cockpit make the V5 perfect to learn downwind paddling and great for playing in the surf zone. The V5 comes standard with under hull rudder, adjustable foot brace (including pedals that automatically adjust line length), rear storage compartment, bow and stern handles, center carry handles, water bottle holder and Epic’s patented bailer. An optional stern kick up rudder can be added to the Rotomolded version with no modifications needed to allow the V5 to be paddled in shallow or rocky areas.

Click HERE for full details and specifications of the Epic V5


Length: 14′ (4.26 m), Width: 23.6″ (60cm), Depth: 12.6″ (32cm), Capacity: 280 lbs (127kg), Storage Capacity: 10.5 gals. (46L), weight 48.5lb (22kg)

Paddler Fit: 4.9 to 6’7″ (1.45m to 2.01m)

Price 49,500 THB + VAT for rotomolded version

Order an Epic paddle and accessories at the same time and get a discount from the total price.

Epic V7 – Rotomolded version

Our best selling surfski – perfect for intermediate to advanced paddlers


Rotomolded kayaks have traditionally been heavy and difficult to handle, both on and off the water. The Epic V7 breaks that mold and sets a new standard for rotomold performance. It is lightweight, extremely efficient, and easy to handle.

The V7 is outfitted with the same high quality fittings as every surfski in the Epic lineup, including our carbon fiber footboard and pedals and the hugely popular Epic designed bailer. In addition, it features an aft storage compartment with a waterproof hatch that puts the V7 in a class of its own. The 17′ x 21″ V7 adds a whole new dimension. It offers similar stability to the V8 with the increased durability of a polyethylene kayak. Its capability can be further enhanced with the optional kick up rudder (no modification needed). This combination allows the V7 to be paddled in areas where composites cannot.

Click HERE for full details and specifications of the Epic V7


Review: https://paddling.com/reviews/product/epic-kayaks-v7-surfski-kayak/


Length: 17′ (5.20m), Width: 21.25″ (54cm), Depth: 14″ (35cm), Capacity: 297 lbs (135kg), Storage Capacity: 9.5 gals (42L)

Paddler Fit: 4’9″ to 6’7″ (1.45m to 2.01m)

Weight 53 lbs (24 kg) $1,695

Price: 55,000 THB + VAT
Order an Epic paddle and accessories at the same time and get a discount from the total price
If you haven’t seen Epic surf skis before, Google and watch the videos – the performance is amazing, and a great way to stay in shape.


Other models available to order

Epic V6 – Contact us if you would like a new V6 for 2021


Click HERE for full technical details and specifications

Available to order Epic V8 and V8PRO

For those seeking a high performance and incredibly light boat (only 12.5kg) whilst being forgiving with great stability.

Click HERE for full details and specifications of the Epic V8 Pro

For the latest design and innovation, check out the Epic V9

Click HERE for full details and specifications of the Epic V9

Speed, stability, agility. The V9 has it all in spades. The latest entry to the Epic surfski line up can take you to new and exciting places you’ve only dreamed of: downwind surfing, open-ocean crossings, challenging races, fitness sessions, or just plain fun.  At 19’ x 19.3”, the V9 was designed to fill a sweet spot between the V8 Pro and V10 Sport. 

The V9 has been optimized for downwind surfing, with increased rocker, and stability. Flatwater speed is a step up from the V8 Pro due to the slightly narrower beam. 

The V9 includes the same great outfitting features of the V8, including the bow, stern and center carry handles, water bottle holder, and the patented Epic bailer.

The seat ergonomics of the V9 are superb, incorporating the shape of the Gen 3 V10 seat, with a lower “hump” under the knees for improved leg power. The cockpit configuration, with the fully adjustable Epic footboard, accommodates paddlers from 4’11 to 6’6” tall (1.5 to 1.99 m)

For Ultimate Performance, check out the Epic V10

Click HERE for full details and specifications of the Epic V10

The V10 Ultra is a world class ski favoured by top level paddlers around the world. All Epic models are available to pre order from Paddlesports Thailand.

Send us an email at info@paddlesportsthailand.com or enter your contact details HERE and we will do our best to help you find your perfect surfski or kayak.