A little background info :)


It’s Catrina here again!  I just thought that I should make a little post telling you guys about how we got the idea and who we actually are.

Who we are:

I (Catrina) am 11 years old and I am the youngest in the family. My brother is called Calvin and he’s 16. My mums name is Pat or Patcharin. My dad (the creator and the person who came up with making this company) is called Graham. He’s the founder of Paddle Sports Thailand. Also, we have the cutest dog called Daisy. She’s a border collie and we got her from a farm. She will be 5 years old in January 2015!

How did we come up with the idea of making Paddle Sports Thailand?

My dad has ALWAYS loved canoeing and kayaking etc and we always had fun family times in the water.

We were in Thailand and my dad had just bought a shophouse. We later learned that they were building a lagoon next to the shophouse and my dad thought it would be great to do some paddle sports there! Then he got the idea to build the most beautiful cedar strip canoes and we turned the house into a shop and that’s going to open early in the new year 2016!

By the way, we all got roles assigned and I’m in charge of the fun things: designing the shop/cafe and I’m in charge of the blog!  We’re all really excited about this and I’ll make sure that I make new blog posts updating you on everything that’s happening. 🙂


– Catrina


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