Try before you buy!

We have a great selection of demo kayaks and surf skis available – ideal if you would like to try before you buy.

If you are looking for great quality kit to paddle while on holiday in Thailand, why not try our GUARANTEED BUY BACK scheme? Depending on the length of your stay, we can deliver top quality kit to your accommodation and collect it at the end. With a guaranteed buy back from us, you can enjoy your own kit for the holiday and with a no hassle buy-back the cost to you is extremely competitive.

Leisure kayaks

Juntos – perfect for solo paddling or taking a small passenger along as our kayaks are the deluxe version fitted with an additional seat pad towards the front of the boat. They also have 2 rod holders if you fancy a bit of fishing and they have plenty of storage space for your snorkelling gear.

Moken Lite – this is a great leisure and fishing kayak that has loads of storage space and special fittings for fishing. Great if you want to paddle out and catch your supper!

Gemini – a 2 person kayak that is very stable and fast on the water. Great for couples and sharing the load while paddling out to our beautiful islands and bays south of Hua Hin. Storage space for your beach gear at the back of the Kayak

Triyak – our biggest leisure kayak, and as the name suggests, seating for 3. Can be paddled easily by 2 with small passengers seated between you. Also includes secure storage space for your beach gear to the front and back of the kayak.

All our packages include paddles and buoyancy aids and we have a wide range of dry bags available to purchase. We also have a couple of inflatable roof racks available to loan in case your hire car doesn’t have roof bars. Please call ahead to check availability.

We can also give you some suggested places to launch and explore, allowing you to see some of the lovely islands and bays around Hua Hin.