We’re opening a shop in Hua Hin Thailand!

Hello everyone!

My name is Catrina Kean (I’m 11 years old) and I am the daughter of Graham – the guy who created this site and these beautiful canoes – and I am just letting you know that we are opening a shop in Hua Hin which is in Thailand and we are all very excited!

I am going to be designing the shop and it is going to be a small café as well as a canoe shop!

The shop will be opening early in the New Year (2016) and will be selling canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards (also known as SUP’s).

Paddle Sports Thailand is a small family business where everybody (me, my brother and my parents) are working together to create some very special floating works of art. 🙂

We really hope that you all like the things we are going to be selling!  Also, we’re selling TIWAL Sailing Dinghies – just search http://www.tiwal.com or click on the link to go and check out all of the cool things there!


– Catrina


3 thoughts on “We’re opening a shop in Hua Hin Thailand!

  1. The ones we have are really beautiful – we have 16ft and 18ft Canadian canoes now in Hua Hin, together with kayaks and SUPs. Let us know when you would like to visit as the shop is not quite finished but opening soon! We can arrange special pre-opening viewing and also BIG discount for first customers…


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