Epic Accessories

Leg Leashes

Perfect for staying connected to your boat! The coil leash attaches just below your knee. **Always use a leash! In strong winds, Epic lightweight boats can blow away from you faster than you can swim. Practice your remounts while wearing your leash(es) so there are no surprises when you are forced to remount.

Please note, for paddlers going in and out of surf, you typically do not want to be attached to your boat in the surf zone, your ski is not a surfboard and with a central attachment point, the leash can place a large amount of force on your leg. For disconnecting quickly, you can use the yellow pull tab to quickly undo the loop leg wrap. Always wash your leash and components off with fresh water after use and check the integrity of all components before each paddle.

Please note: this leash is not a life saving device! All leashes can break or detach given enough force. Always wear your PFD and take all other appropriate safety precautions when paddling.


Basic – 1,000 THB

Deluxe – 1,500 THB